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EGLO Product Service and Support

Get answers to your questions about issues related to the purchase, installation, use, care, repair and maintenance of your products. We can help.

We make very high demands on the quality of our products and on our services. That’s why all development and production stages – from the product idea through the design phase all the way to going into series production – are closely monitored in this respect.

Our excellent product quality is guaranteed by expertly trained staff, a corporate quality assurance system and long-term and reliable partnerships with our suppliers.

Quick reactions to inquiries, competent contacts with foreign language skills, high-performance logistics and sales support in the subsidiaries are the self-evident building blocks of our service.

Of course we have an idea of what makes a design successful. But we would never dream of imposing our style on the market, especially as we are talking about 60 very different markets, each with its own peculiarities.

So when designing new lights we have our finger firmly on the market’s pulse: Our subsidiaries worldwide constantly provide us with suggestions and ideas for new products.

These suggestions are evaluated by our development team, joined with our own ideas and finally developed to become a marketable product in collaboration with selected designers.

We have, way before others, grasped the opportunities of the emerging regions, and also more consistently. Optimizing the production cost is one thing – uncompromising quality and delivery certainty another.

This is why we decided to build our own manufacturing plants in Hungary, China and India which means that about 90 per cent of our lights and lamps are manufactured “in-house” – all under socially and ecologically impeccable conditions.

From design to production line you can be sure that the final product that comes into your hands is unique in terms of quality, cost, performance and design. The best for you and your place!

We create trends. With so many new products each year and numerous patents EGLO is the forerunner in the mass market

We inspire fashion and design. Continuous exchanges with our customers and suppliers and collaboration with reputable designers guarantee a modern design and flexible features on all EGLO products.

We meet customer requirements. We only have our customers talking and we create individual and personalized lighting solutions for any domestic situation.

We appreciate simplicity. Why make it complicated when there is a simple way? Our products are convinced by the ease of handling and easy to understand installation instructions.

Sustainable development and environmental protection are not just phrases at EGLO – we are actively promoting both. For example, we use only recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and packaging with a volume as small as possible, and with our decentralized warehousing the transportation distances are as short possible. Of course, used packaging is disposed of properly and as required by law.

And not lastly it is a major concern for us to convince our customers of the necessity of protecting the environment. After all, when using LED technology you are not only saving on energy and money, but you also preserve valuable resources and do not utilize hazardous substances such as mercury.